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 About Slovakia

Slovakia,  the Slovak Republic, a mountainous landlocked country in Central Europe that is bordered by Austria and the Czech Republic in west, by Hungary in south, by Poland in north, and the Ukraine in east.

Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, it was known as the Slovak Socialist Republic from 1969 until 1990. In 1993, the Slovak Republic became an independent sovereign state.

The country covers an area of 49,035 km², making it somewhat larger than half the size of Portugal or about twice the size of the U.S. state New Hampshire.

Slovakia has a population of 5.4 million people (in 2015), Slovakia’s capital and largest city is Bratislava. Spoken languages are Slovak (official) and Hungarian.

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Map of Slovakia

Slovakia Map

Slovakia National Flag

Slovakia Flag

Slovakia Currency

Slovakia Currency

National Language Slovak
Prime Minister Robert Fico
Important CitiesBratislava, Trnava, Nitra, Trenčín, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Košice
Date formatdd-mm-yy
Drives on the Right
Calling Code+421
Internet TLD .sk