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 About Czech Republic

Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, a landlocked country in Central Europe, it is bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic covers an area of 78,867 km², making it somewhat smaller than neighboring Austria, and also slightly smaller than the US state of South Carolina.

The country has a population of 10.56 million people (in 2016), capital and largest city is Prague, spoken languages is Czech, a West Slavic language.

The Czech Republic is famous for: Prague, the historic center of Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Castles, there are several hundreds of castles, chateaus, and mansions in Czechia.

Beer, the original Budweiser is made in the Czech Republic by the Budweiser Budvar Brewery, and home of Pilsner beer is the Czech city of Pilsen (Plzeň). Curd cheese called “syrečky”.

Not so famous for Škoda and Tatra autos and Bata shoes.
Most famous people from Czechia are Miloš Forman, Oskar Schindler, Sigmund Freud, Antonin Dvorak, Franz Kafka, Václav Havel, and Gregor Mendel.

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Map of Czech Republic

 Czech Republic Map

Czech Republic National Flag

 Czech Republic

Czech Republic Currency


Czech Republic Currency

National LanguageCzech
Prime Minister Andrej Babiš
Important CitiesPrague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Liberec, Olomouc, Ústí nad Labem
CurrencyCzech koruna (CZK)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +420b